1. Payment for orders through Platron

With the help of the payment center Platron you can easily and quickly pay your order in one of the ways listed below. Payment by bank cards (VISA, MasterCard, etc.)

To make a payment by credit card:  

-  Choose the payment method "Credit Card" when placing an order.          

 - After placing an order on the Beauty-International-Japan-Pro.Com website, you will receive an email containing a link to the    payment page for your order. Click on this link and on the page that opens, click on the "Pay by credit card" button.          

 - Further on the authorization page for the payment you will need to provide the details of your plastic card (at the same time, you do not need to enter the PIN-code). Enter the card number, cardholder's name in Latin letters, card validity period and card verification number (CVV2 for VISA or CVC2 for MasterCard). All necessary data is printed on your card. The card verification number is the three numbers on the back of the card.          

 - Click "Pay". In the event that your card supports 3DSecure technology, after entering the card details, you will be additionally redirected to the site of the card issuing bank to confirm the transaction. If the data is correct, the payment will be made within a few seconds.          

 - The result of authorization will be transferred to the online store Beauty-International-Japan-Pro.Com automatically.

The transfer of information about your bank card is made with observance of all necessary security measures, all processing of payment (including entering the card number) takes place on the site of the electronic payment system Platron, which has passed international certification. This means that your confidential data (card number, CVV / CVC code, personal data, etc.) do not enter the online store, their processing is fully protected and no one, including Beauty-International-Japan-Pro.Com, can get it personal and bank data of the client.

To protect information from unauthorized access during the transfer from the client to the server of the Platron system, the secure protocol SSL 3.0 is used.

Paying for goods and services with Platron is absolutely safe.

2. Payments from card to card Sberbank to our representative in Russia.

Customers from Russia, we can offer a simple and quick way to pay - "With the cards on the card of Sberbank of our representative in Russia."
If you vibiraem this method of payment to receive your order, our company immediately sends you card details for payment. This payment, we are waiting for the same day. Once you lie to transfer, please contact us and let us know.
If your payment is not received in the day of the order, your order will be canceled. We ask you to inform us in advance if you have any problems with the translation.

3.  WesternUnion- modern system that allows individuals to quickly and inexpensively transfer funds.

This transfer is possible from any country on our representative in Russia.

If you choose this payment method, you will receive your order, we will inform you about the data transfer recipient in Russia.
To make the administration via Western Union you must:

Come in any RRDB office.
Fill out the short form "To send money", stating name of the recipient, amount, city and country of receipt of funds.
Produce an identity document.
Make the necessary sum and pay the fee according to the current tariff for transfers Western Union.
Get a copy of the application to control number of money transfer Western Union and be sure to tell the recipient all necessary information to obtain money (amount and check number) In many countries (including the Russian knowledge transfer control number is a prerequisite for the translation).

4. Bank wire Transfer iin USD to the bank account of our company in Japan.

This payment method is available for orders more than 500 US dollars.